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Do you know the cause of aging of silicone tube?


The first factor is the influence factor of water content. If the silica gel tube is immersed in water or in dark and humid environment for a long time, it is easy to cause the oxidation problem of the silica gel tube. This is mainly because the water-soluble substance of the silica gel tube is easy to hydrolyze when it meets water. We should use the silica gel tube in dry and normal temperature environment as far as possible.

The second factor is the influence factors of oxidation. Oxygen reacts with rubber molecules in free radical chains, and the molecular chains are broken or over-crosslinked, resulting in changes in the properties of silica gel tubes, so oxidation is also the cause of aging of silica gel tubes.

The third factor is the influencing factors of ozone action. In fact, the effect of ozone is the main factor affecting the aging of silica gel tubes. It is easier to aging silica gel tubes than air, because ozone has high chemical active oxygen and is highly destructive, so it is easy to break the molecular health.

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