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Do you know the protective measures of high-pressure rubber hose


1. Hose arrangement should avoid heat source as far as possible, away from engine exhaust manifestation. If necessary, casing or protective screen can be used to prevent the hose from being heated and deteriorated.
2. Where the hose must be crossed or friction with the mechanical surface may occur while working, protection devices such as hose clamps or springs shall be applied to avoid damage to the outer layer of the hose.
3. When the hose must be bent, the bending radius should not be too small, and should be greater than 9 times the outside diameter. The joint of the hose and the joint shall have a straight line section which is twice the outside diameter of the hose.
4. Hose installation should avoid tension, even if there is no relative movement at both ends of the hose, it should keep the hose loose, the tensioned hose will expand under pressure, and the strength will decrease.
5. Do not twist hose during installation. A slight twist on the hose may reduce its strength and loosen the joint. When assembling, the joint should be tightened on the hose instead of the hose on the joint.
6. Hose is recommended to be inspected or replaced regularly if it is equipped with key components.

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