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Inspection criteria for various performances of spiral casing


Spiral casing has the advantages of wear resistance, oil resistance, high and low temperature resistance. Let’s introduce its detection method.

Wear resistance of spiral protective sleeve: Wear resistance depends on material rather than thickness. Under certain surface pressure, after continuous grinding for N hours, the wear thickness is observed and the quality is judged in turn. We use modified polypropylene material, under 1.9 Mpa surface pressure, (disc-pin friction tester) continuous grinding 1000 km or 415 hours only wear 0.5 mm, wear resistance, you can rest assured.
Oil resistance of spiral protective sleeve: soak the protective sleeve in a mixture of 70 # gasoline and 10% toluene for 5 minutes. If there is no discoloration and stickiness, it will be qualified; otherwise, the protective sleeve sleeve will be inferior and unqualified.

Performance of spiral protective sleeve at high and low temperature: 1 hour at 80 C, 0.5 hours at room temperature, 1 hour at – 40 C and 0.5 hours at room temperature. It is a cycle, and five cycles are made continuously. It is observed that if there is no cracking, sticking, depression and other phenomena in the spiral protective sheath, it will be of high quality; on the contrary, it will be of poor quality and unqualified. There are no cracking, deformation, sticking and depression in our samples.

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