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What are the similarities and differences between wired rubber pipes and other rubber pipes?


Compared with the structure of plywood rubber pipe, plywood rubber pipe is composed of inner plywood, outer plywood and middle ply. The middle layer of plywood rubber pipe is polyester line, while the middle layer of plywood rubber pipe is cloth.
The characteristics of wire-clamped hose and cloth-clamped hose are different. The clamping hose has small tolerance to the outer diameter of the clamping hose, excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and weathering resistance, and flexible and durable body.
Conveying media are relatively different. We should choose the type of rubber hose according to the place where the conveying media and rubber hose are used. In addition, if the pressure of hose is 80-600 MPa or even better, steel wire can be used to braid hose or winding hose.

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